• The Calendar page now supports drag-and-drop movement of tickets between dates and users.
  • The Ticket Search report now has the ability to search for a full or partial tag number, instead of using the regular search parameters.
  • Tickets now have fields for storing a second contact name and phone number.
  • Calendar should no longer move ahead to the next day at 5pm. It will cycle correctly at the end of the day (12am).
  • The monitor page can now be filtered by a partial or complete tag number.
  • Devices now have selectable units for Capacity, Set Pressure, Back Pressure and Cold Diff on the GCS information dialog
  • The Devices report will now display the unit for capacity and set pressure based on what was selected in the GCS dialog.
  • Customers can now be flagged as hidden on the Customers page.
  • New Service Calls will only be able to select unhidden customers
  • The Ticket Search report no longer shows Technicians that have been hidden or disabled.
  • New, Update, Delete and Duplicate buttons on the dispatch page have been moved to the right side and positioned inside the header for visibility.
  • The Delete button on the dispatch page will now prompt the user before deleting so that the user has the chance to cancel if they clicked the wrong button by accident.
  • The Device Report now has the option of filtering by Tag #.
  • Cakendar now has the ability to color code items based on how long ago they were added to the system. Currently, items older than 3 days are yellow while items older than 7 days are orange.
  • Job List server side process now includes Job Description in returned data
  • Reduced the width of the User List on the Time Card page
  • Increased the width of the Job List on the Time Card page
  • Reduced the space required by the Complete By date on the Job List
  • Reduced the space required by the Status text on the Job List.
  • Increased the space required by the Job # field on the Job List
  • Added a description display area to each job in the job list and the job description is now loaded into that space when the job loads.
  • Job List sort function will now calculate the list order by comparing job complete by dates first. If two job dates are equal, then they are sorted by Priority with higher priority jobs appearing at the top of the list similarly to how the list was previously sorted.
  • Job List color codes have been changed. Jobs are now colored based on proximity to the complete date. Jobs on the list that are 1 week after the date entered will show up as Yellow. Jobs that have passed the Complete By date will now be marked as Red.
  • Added a Job Count indicator to the Job List filter section which will show a count of all jobs listed
  • Added a filter item called All, which will display all jobs regardless of job state.
  • Updated user security on all pages
  • Added a new Time User account type, which only has access to the time page.
  • Time Card module moved to live status and ready to be tested
  • Users now have a Time Card Code field
  • Time Card page now only lists users that have a Time Card Code entered into the system.
  • User codes are now required to Clock In for all non-Administrative users
  • Customer selection is no longer present on the Job Clock In
  • The Monitor page now has the ability to mark multiple tickets as completed at the same time. Each ticket marked completed will be updated with a new updated timestamp and the user marking the ticket as completed will be set as the last modified by user.
  • The Ticket Report should now only show the tickets between the selected date range.
  • Adjusted the blue, red and orange type colors to make text on the Monitor easier to read.
  • Users are now listed by first name, then last name, on the dispatch dropdown lists
  • The text size for the Notes sections on a service call has been increased
  • The default type in the new type dropdown on a service call is now blank. The user will be prompted to select a type if they try to add a blank type to the call.
  • Completed jobs are now greyed out on the calendar.
  • The calendar will now handle date transitions in a reliable format to ensure that all assigned tasks are displayed correctly
  • The calendar will now show 7 days, with the current date as the starting point. Moving ahead or backwards will adjust the time window by a week relative to the current date. Previously, the calendar showed the current week with Sunday always being the first column
  • The word 'Dispatch' has been replaced with 'Service Call' in a number of places
  • User accounts can now be flagged as 'Hidden', which will prevent them from showing on the Monitor and Calendar
  • The Monitor will now display all users. Each user will have a list of tickets in which they are either the assigned Labourer or Technician. Previously, only Technicians with assigned tickets appeared on the Monitor
  • There is now a special user account, bshop, for the Burner Shop. This account can not edit any information.
  • Adjusted the column widths of a number of columns on the Monitor
  • The Calendar Screen now displays a few extra bits of information for each Tag
  • Moved the position of the New, Save and Delete buttons on the dispatch page
  • Added a 'Time' column to the Monitor screen, which displays the total time alloted to that job
  • There is now a new Reports page which will allow you to locate any tag #, completed or not, with optional filter parameters
  • Tag # on Time Jobs has been changed to Job #
  • Implemented the Calendar page. Allowing users to view the weekly schedule
  • Removed Date Entered from listing on Monitor page
  • Labourer for each tag is now displayed on the Monitor, and is reassignable
  • Dispatch Notes are now shown below the job entry on the Monitor page
  • Users now have the ability to assign a tag number to new dispatch jobs. This Tag # is displayed on the calendar and monitor pages
  • User Accounts now have a 'Disabled' field which will remove users from selection on dropdown menus
  • Disabled User Accounts will only appear in dropdown selections if they are saved under the ticket. Tickets are unable to be reassigned to a disabled user.
  • Disabled User Accounts can no longer log in
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